Thursday, September 11, 2014

Extreme Hoarders: Fridge Edition!

After: a fridge that you can find food in! (The before was too gruesome for a primetime)

You guys, I wanted my next post to be about meal planning.  About how planning out your meals and shopping just once a week (or month!) was going to save you and me time, money, gas, and would provide healthier meals.  

But this fridge just wouldn't be ignored!  The bottom shelf (the thing that is also holding the crisper drawers) broke and I was faced with the choice to replace or repair.  Of course, I was going to repair it! This model is perfectly functional and only 8 years old.  Of course, if they made a residential fridge that makes that pebble ice, I'd be tempted...

So I ordered the part from  As you can see, I have broken tops to one crisper drawer and the deli drawer, but I decided those weren't "must haves".  The part arrived and I pulled everything out of my poor fridge and realized. 

1)  No one needs a half gallon of relish
2)  Four kinds of syrup is maybe a tad much
3)  No more buying every sauce that they are sampling at Costco! (hint for Mr. D!)
4)  What exactly was that once?
and finally-
5)  We waste a lot of food when we can't find it.  

After a thorough purge and cleaning, I snapped the above picture.  I have room now to see and eat delicious leftovers, I can find what we have before it goes furry, and I can see what we need to buy at the store.  Organizers from the dollar store corral small items and keep spill contained.  I am super happy about this and resolve to keep it up as I attempt to save grocery money by meal planning and food rotation.  Who's with me?!?

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